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Fresh, freshly cut leaves are one of the most complete enrichments for our parrots , and one of the easiest for us, since we only have to place them in strategic places, whether in their cages, wings or parks.

Sometimes, finding fresh branches and knowing that they are suitable, chemical-free, and disinfecting them correctly can be cumbersome or unfeasible. Esetéese makes it easy for you.

The bouquet comes with leaves and fresh bamboo cane that will allow you to:
💚 Climb and develop through the reeds
💙 Destroy the leaves and the hard reeds
💙 Discover different textures, hardness and shapes
💚 Modify the space in which they live
💙 You can place the entire bouquet together or separate the canes to your liking.

Bamboo disinfected and ready for use.
LIMITED availability depending on the time of year. When they are not available to deliver freshly cut and fresh, this product will appear as OUT OF STOCK.

MEASUREMENTS: approximately 50 cm high, number of pieces as in the image

*Keep in mind that during the journey the bamboo leaves will arrive a little weaker than when they were freshly cut.

FRESH LEAVES BOUQUET (bamboo). Sale price€7,80

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