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about us



we are pau and sara

We tell you more about us, our values ​​and work methodology

About us

Pau, the king of the cork oak

Construction professional, passionate about his profession and everything that involves crafts and creating.

Expert in manipulating dangerous machines (and not letting Sara use them hehe). The one who cuts down all the cork oaks and helps Sara in the collection and production of raw materials.

The one who makes everything she asks of him come true. In short, the one who never goes out, but is always there ❤.

About us

Sara, the one behind everything

The visible face of estetéese. The one who answers you, the one who creates content for social networks. The one who runs the website and takes the photos. The mail, the orders. The production of products, storage and management of EVERYTHING. The one who makes the invoices too. And most importantly, the one who lights up the mind and creates all the products.
By profession an interior designer and a lover of photography. Sara has dedicated her life to her little ones and to managing estetéese.

She's the one writing this too hahahaha❤.

originality and creativity

Esetéese goes further and wants to offer you what no one has done before. Useful accessories that think about the well-being and distraction of our parrots, since they are also beautiful and are another element of decoration.

Working day by day to incorporate a variety of materials and types of new and innovative products.

manufacturers and artisans of all the creations in our store

Our values


Every conversation with you, every order, every note, every closed box. Dedication and love in all orders to send everything we do with our little ones to your homes.


All our products are made by us. We manufacture piece by piece everything that will come into your home for your little ones. We give value to the product we work on, we manipulate it and make the creations that Sara has previously designed.

material km.0

We work with local products, most of them from our own cultivation or very nearby. We respect nature and take advantage of what it offers us. Our goal is to naturalize your life as much as possible, so what better way to do it than with the best material.

top quality product

a lot of love and care

All our products take extreme care in our facilities and warehouse. Everything you receive from estetéese we assure you that we can tell you its origin, quality and care. No pesticides, no chemicals. Maximum quality for your parrots.

detail and dedication

on every order

We prepare your orders with great dedication, time and even the smallest detail. From the personalized notes, to the packaging so that everything arrives in perfect condition and even the stickers on the outside of the box.

We want to convey our enthusiasm in every box that leaves our workshop.

estetéese would not exist without them

our greatest inspiration

our little ones, our little colored balls

Our engine to motivate us to learn with them, improve their lives day by day, and enrich their environment as much as possible.

Our models and those who test everything we do. They are the ones who decide if that product goes on sale, if it is super destructible and if it keeps them entertained for many hours.