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A cork board with holes can be a great place for your parrots. Plenty of room to perch, enter and exit, climb and destroy.

🔹Hanging by the two upper threads, leaving a swinging movement, it will be one of your parrot's favorite places to perch and relax.
🔹Attached on all 4 sides at the corner, allowing entry and exit from behind
🔹Placed horizontally, you can use it as a feeder (our metal feeders are compatible) or as a foraging tray with holes.
🔹A lot of surface to destroy
🔹 And as it couldn't be missed, to decorate our homes, use it to hang your plants.

Approximate exterior measurements: these measurements are indicative, no iron is the same and can vary greatly from one to another, we depend on the nature .
30/25 x 25/20 LARGE 60/50 x 40
MATERIALS: Cork sheet, T-shirt thread

CORK LATTE Sale price€16,80

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