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This mini toy is reminiscent of a bracelet or a ring, and the good thing about it is that in the end it fulfills the function of being a swing. Whether in a fixed or pendant version, Ring will allow you to provide the following:
💚Hanging swing or fixed perch hoop (vertical or horizontal).
💙It allows them to perch on it and rest their paws on the recycled cardboard ring (which is very thick)
💚Destroy the cardboard and the yucca flower
💙You can put branch seeds in the intertwined cloth.
💚Yucca flowers are made of a material that they love to destroy by their touch

(very large parrots the size of approximately a pyrrhura or nymph can perch inside the cardboard ring)

MATERIALS recycled cardboard ring, yucca flower, cloth and rod, washer and wing nut (fixed version).

RING Sale price€4,80

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