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A mini multi-branch dressed with flowers will allow your parrots to walk among the twigs swinging, destroying them and finding yucca flowers along the way that they like to destroy so much.

This product fulfills a thousand functions in addition to being beautiful:
💚 Yucca flowers are made of a material that they love to destroy by their touch
💙 You can hide food and prizes among the flowers
💚 The multibranch with very fine twigs allows them to develop through it and destroy it
💙 Obviously it will help them perch on it, you can put it horizontally or vertically hanging from the ceiling of the cage.
💚 And as it could not be missing, to decorate our homes, it is simply beautiful.

MEASUREMENTS: 30/40 x 20, very indicative measurements
MATERIALS: Cork oak branch, Trapillo, Yucca flower. High quality galvanized steel rod, washers and wing nut

SAKURA Sale price€16,80

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