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PLANTIMUSGUI kokedama tape

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Purchasing natural plants directly from a nursery and giving them to our parrots is something we should never do. ALL plants have chemicals, both in the substrates and in the leaves. Something very common to maintain plants more easily but something highly dangerous for our parrots .

Esetéese has made a great effort to have its own plantation of plants, with a 100% organic substrate made by us, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, completely suitable for use in psittacines.

We want to bring to your home what we believe is highly enriching for your parrots. Live plants.

Your little ones will be able to snack on them, they will have a space a thousand times more naturalized, and if you spray the leaves you will bring freshness to the environment and they will be able to drink from them.

This time we go further and send you a live plant (ribbon) wrapped in moss. A two in one, double enjoyment for your little ones (or for you hehe):
💚 TAPE KOKEDAMA , available in tabletop version (cork disc in the photo not included) or pendant
💙 You can hide food through the moss of the ball
💚This kokedama is simply beautiful, use it in your space and you will also be decorating your house.
💙Measurements: 14X25

MAINTENANCE TIP: Kokedamas are watered by immersion. In summer approximately every 4 days, and in winter once a week. I tell you how to do it:
💚Immerse the entire moss ball in a bowl or bucket, where the water covers it 100%
💙You will see how bubbles come out of the moss, when they don't come out anymore it means that it has finished absorbing all the water it needs
💚Take out the kokedama and let it drain until it no longer drips
💙 Place it back on its plate or with the hanging system
💚Spray with a spray and maintain the humidity of the moss and they will be happier this way

⚠️ The kokedama will be sent protected from the moss ball with a plastic bag and properly placed in the box to avoid overturning.

PLANTIMUSGUI kokedama tape
PLANTIMUSGUI kokedama tape Sale price€26,80

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