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Table perches can complement the life of our parrots in a very enriching way, and help us distract them when they are loose. It will allow us to do our things while they have their space.
Its tabletop format makes moving it wherever you want very easy.

MEASUREMENTS: 55 width x 40 depth x 55 height

💚 30 cm thick cork disc desktop base.
💙A spectacular thick sculptural branch with a lot of moss , which has several levels thanks to the curvatures of the branches and that will allow your parrot to perch wherever they want.
💚 20 mm (100cm) sisal rope that joins several points of the branch, allowing movement throughout the park, creating connections. This rope is already installed.

Remember that you can complement this perch with toys and feeders to make it as complete as possible.

This hanger will be shipped 100% assembled and ready to be placed and used.

NOTE: this vertical hanger is a unique numbered piece, the images you see are the real hanger, it will be unrepeatable and there will not be another like it.

IMPORTANT : If the parks or vertical perches that we offer, whether standard or unique pieces, do not fit you or your parrots' taste, I recommend that you request a completely personalized park space design for your parrot or parrots . If you want a custom park designed for your parrot specifically, the existing space, its tastes, preferences, available measurements, etc., a custom park is your best option. I promise you that you will not regret it!

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