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Sale price€62,80

MEASUREMENTS: 60 width x 30 depth x 45 height
💚 Desktop base that does not need support, with a thickness of 5 cm and measurements of 35x30cm. This base will serve as a tray to put things on them.
💙Single branch, which is naturally an L., Its shape and inclination is perfect for:
💚Fixed swing with 14mm sisal rope
💙 Twigs as a ladder to climb the main branch
💚 15c vertical post from base to hold:
💙 Half Nexo, made up of 3 XS perches, as a walkway between the two sides of the park, its system allows it to be removed to be cleaned correctly.
💙3 yucca flowers with bark at the base

This park will be sent 100% assembled ready to be placed and used.

NOTE: this park is a unique numbered piece, the images you see are the real park, it will be unrepeatable and there will not be another like it.

IMPORTANT : If the parks we offer, whether standard or unique pieces, do not suit you or your parrots' taste, I recommend that you request a completely personalized park space design for your parrot or parrots . If you want a custom park designed for your parrot specifically, the existing space, its tastes, preferences, available measurements, etc., a custom park is your best option. I promise you that you will not regret it!

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