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If pampas are used to decorate homes, it is said that they are also used to decorate cages and flying cages . Not only are they pretty, but the hairy texture our parrots love, they comb it!
💚Base made with an XS heart innkeeper, in which 3 units of pampas (common cane) and a raffia curlicue are inserted through a hole.
💙You can place it in a corner and it looks ideal
💚You can adjust the height of the pampas to make the toy bigger (60cm) or smaller (30cm)
💙Once you have stripped down all the materials you still have an XS heart innkeeper

MEASUREMENTS 60/30x10x10
MATERIALS cork disc, common cane pampas, raffia curlicue, washer rod and galvanized steel wing nut (fixed system).
PAMPAS Sale price€8,80

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