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The protagonist is the palm leaf, left to dry and prepared for your parrots to break this material that they like so much. With its support, ready to place in its habitat.
💚Dried palm leaf, its crunchy texture amazes them
💙Cork support with a fixed system that will help you put this palm tree or whatever you want (branches, seeds...)
💚You have spare parts available to put new leaves, or to put them loose wherever you want
💙It can also be used to put several in a part of its cage and fly and create a shadow area or cover a part of what you want.

MEASUREMENTS: 35/40x15 Keep in mind that it is a natural material and each piece will be different
MATERIALS: palm leaf, cork, and fixed system with rod, washer and wing nut, cloth for replacement.

PALM HEART Sale price€7,80

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