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The heart innkeepers are a classic and a top seller.
What better than to take it, multiply it and expand its use?
This product fulfills a thousand functions in addition to being beautiful:
💚6 XS heart innkeepers come together to create a 50 cm moving walkway
💙United in such a way that they can be moved through the axis of each innkeeper, being able to make the curve you want and join it at both ends. They stack completely and you can stretch them completely
💚The milled hearts allow you to put food and use it as a feeder
💙A lot of material to destroy
💚And as it could not be missing, to decorate our homes, it is simply beautiful

MEASUREMENTS: 50*10 (unfolded)
MATERIALS: Cork oak trunk, Invisible joining screws. High quality galvanized steel rod, washers and wing nut

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