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MOSSINE bowl forest

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Do you know what non-vascular plants are? They are all those plants that lack roots, stems and leaves . They survive by absorbing water directly from the environment itself. And moss is the best example of this type of plant, which our little ones love for its texture and for searching for food, 100% natural foraging. And I'll tell you something very interesting, it's super easy to keep alive , or you can let it dry and it will stay green, you decide.

I describe bowl forest to you:
💚100% organic natural palm leaf bowl, suitable to be destroyed and to fulfill its function, which is to act as a feeder. You can wash it and it is waterproof (but be careful, don't let it soak).
💙Live flat moss, in it you can hide food and have the most natural foraging possible, as if it were a forest
💚Mini pineapple, to provide a harder texture and where you can also hide food or prizes

MATERIALS: live flat moss (chemical-free and disinfected for use), pine cone, palm leaf and rod, washer and wing nut for the fixed system.

USE TIP: when you get it home, with a spray, spray it with water to revive the greenery. Then to keep it alive, depending on the humidity in your area, you will have to do it more or less often (I recommend removing it from the bowl and taking the opportunity to clean it). Moss doesn't die, you can always revive it.

⚠️ This piece will be sent wrapped in plastic wrap to ensure that all the elements of the bowl arrive in their place.

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