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MUSGUÍN cork tube tray

Sale price€10,80

Our classic tube trays are now not only a tray on their own, but they now have natural moss! What's better than having a 100% natural tray/feeder?

Make it easier for your parrots to forage more naturally. The moss will not only allow them to develop their foraging behavior, but others will also be able to nibble on it.

This tray is made up of the following:
💙 Cork tube size S or L, the best thing is that if you remove the grass you still have a fantastic tray.
💚 Flat moss placed in the central part of the tube
💙 Available in tabletop version, pendant with cloth and fixed with washer rod and galvanized steel wing nut.

MEASUREMENTS: Size S: 18/20 x 10 cm
Size L: 38/ 40 X 15

* Moss will be shipped dry (as in photos)
USE TIP: when you get it home, with a spray, spray it with water to revive the greenery. Then to keep it alive, depending on the humidity in your area, you will have to do it more or less often (I recommend removing it from the bowl and taking the opportunity to clean it). Moss does not die, you can always revive it.

MUSGUÍN cork tube tray
MUSGUÍN cork tube tray Sale price€10,80

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