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MUSGUIN pieces of moss

Sale price€8,80

Pieces of 100% natural flat moss so you can use them however you want, in trays, in their feeders, in toys...

Make it easier for your parrots to forage more naturally. The grass will not only allow them to develop their foraging behavior, but they will also be able to nibble on the moss and sand.

QUANTITY: 50 gr, approximately 10-12 pieces
*The dry moss will be sent,
USE TIP: when you get it home (if you want to revive it), with a spray, spray it with water so that it picks up moisture. Then to keep it alive, depending on the humidity in your area, you will have to do it more or less often. Moss does not die, you can always revive it.

MUSGUIN pieces of moss
MUSGUIN pieces of moss Sale price€8,80

Esetéese has managed to bring you fresh and live grass. Once in your home it is your decision what to do with it and how to maintain it. What options do you have?
1- Keep it alive , watering it once a week (or more often, depending on the time of year or the temperature and humidity you have in your area). You will see that it will dry out and when you water it (I recommend that you do it by immersion) it will revive and take on its intense green color again. All products in the Tepín collection are prepared to remove the grass and clean and water it correctly.
2- Let it dry. For them it will fulfill the same function of searching for food, but obviously it will no longer look like a fresh product, it will lose color and strength.

CLEANING TIP: try to place the grass where the minimum amount of feces falls to make cleaning work easier for you. To clean it, I recommend that you let the feces dry, and then dryly remove the remains (also food) with your hands or a brush.
Very important, NEVER use disinfectant products that need rinsing, since being 100% natural and containing sand it is impossible to remove it. For proper disinfection I recommend using f10.

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