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Our little ones love pineapples. But we want to go a little further. With this mix of pineapples you will have 4 different types of pineapples of small size. Each one with a different texture and hardness.
💚4 types of pine cones from different conifers (Spruce, Douglas fir, cypress and black pine).
💙400 gram bag with approximately 40-50 pine cones
💚Place them on their trays so they can search for food between them
💙You can use them as hanging toys, they love to destroy them.

*Pineapples can vary in type of conifer depending on the time of year, there will always be 3-4 varieties (we will change the description and images when necessary).

BE CREATIVE , create your own toys, designs and trays. Let your imagination go!

MIX PINEAPPLE Sale price€8,80

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