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I have been making my own mixtures for many years and testing many materials for my little ones' foraging trays. From there the MIX ESETÉESE is born.
It smells nourishing, that alone is worth it. A large number of natural flowers and different substrates make up this mix . We are going to break down in detail the proportions contained in the 380gr bag:
💚 20g rosebuds (the color will vary depending on availability)
💙 10g globose amaranth
💚 20g lavender
💙 10g chamomile
💚 30g oak leaf
💙 50g eucalyptus bark
💚 100g beech wood chips
💙 120g volcanic stone
💚 40g coconut pieces

Each bag is individually weighed and measured to contain exactly these grams of each item. You will receive what you see :) and we promise it has the ideal proportions, we don't want to fill the package with the cheapest and heaviest items. Quality and quantity (of everything)!

BE CREATIVE , create your own toys, designs and trays. Let your imagination go!

MIX ESETÉESE Sale price€12,80

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