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LEI #1

Sale price€12,80

Lei is inspired by a Hawaiian necklace. How can a chain provide so many things to our parrots and at the same time make it painful to destroy it?
💚Hanging toy that provides movement and a lot of instability
💙Use it as a connecting element, like a rope between point and point
💚The pendants allow them to hang, climb, destroy and discover many different textures: cork block, XS hoop, yucca flowers, discs
💙Yucca flowers are made of a material that they love to destroy by their touch
💚You can hide food and prizes among the flowers
💙 And as it could not be missing, to decorate our homes, it is simply beautiful

MEASUREMENTS: 50x5 (plus excess thread to tie)
MATERIALS: Cork oak, Trapillo, Yucca flower

LEI #1
LEI #1 Sale price€12,80

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