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Apparently a Christmas tree with an infinite number of textures , which on its own can be used as a decoration for your home, but I'll tell you everything it can do for your parrots:
💙 Triple swing with three types of perching base: cork oak branch, corn cob and cork stick. They will have space to perch and swing on the first two levels.
💚Thanks to their shape they will be able to climb until they reach the top of the star
💙 Total destruction of all its multiple materials and textures: cork oak (branch and plank), corn cob, yucca flower, honeycomb cardboard and sisal rope.
💚 And as it could not be missing, to decorate our homes, it is simply beautiful.

MATERIALS: Cork oak (branch and plank), Corn cob, Yucca flower, Honeycomb cardboard, 3mm sisal rope, Trapillo

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