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The beginning of our little ones' lives begins inside an egg: a shell that hatches to give rise to their birth🐣.
This funny little egg allows us to remember that moment, while they forage in the part of the fissure, I assure you that it is very fun to see them there in the middle🤭.
Foraging egg fulfills the following functions:
💙Toy, to hang, be destroyed and hide food in its interior spaces.
💚In addition to the above, thanks to its shape (fissure space) it will be a wonderful swing 😇.
💙Thanks to its central bamboo axis, you can open it more or less to your liking, and also rotate it 360º.
💚 And of course, decoration. I propose to use it as a frame, with a photo of them, their name and date of birth 😍

MEASUREMENTS: 18 cm (closed)/25 (open) high x 14 wide x 1.5 thickness.
MATERIALS: 1.5 cm honeycomb cardboard, cloth thread, bamboo stick shaft

FORAGING EGG Sale price€5,20

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