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Surely you have thousands of doubts, a lot of topics that you would like to talk about and comment on. Aspects that you want to improve or change in the life of your parrots and your coexistence with them.

This is not professional advice , just a person who talks about issues that he has experienced firsthand (both with his parrots and as a volunteer at rescue centers):

Fortunately or unfortunately, in all this time I have gone through several moments of forced learning, complicated situations caused by the complexity of keeping parrots in captivity. I will also say that it has been 10 years of sharing life with wonderful beings, where I have learned and grown with them. Responsible ownership of these animals is not easy, books or theories do not teach you that. It teaches you to live, share and learn with them.

Do you dare to share a little while talking with me?

Chat with Sara
Chat with Sara Sale price€24,80

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