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Welcome to the little cardboard garden of esetéese🌼😍.
With these beautiful flowers, thanks to their design, they allow us multiple functions like all our products:
💙Individual piece, to hang, be destroyed and hide food in its interior spaces.
💚In addition to the above, thanks to its shape it will be a wonderful swing 😇.
💙You can make a garden of hanging flowers and have them go from one to another 😍.
These flowers have their double use like all estetéese products:
🔹Toy to be destroyed and foraged.
🔹To decorate our home😻.
**the inner circle is included so you can do whatever you want with it**

Size M: 22 outside and 11 inside
Size S: 15.5 outside and 7.5 inside
MATERIALS: 1.5 cm honeycomb cardboard, t-shirt thread for hanging

FORAGING FLOWER Sale price€2,80

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