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A central ring and 6 cork discs that form a beautiful and multifunctional flower.
Hanging platform feeder with a thousand possible options:
🔹The 6 cm stainless steel bowl allows us to put whatever we want in it.
🔹The holes in the petals allow us to hide their food and encourage foraging in the small cavities as much as possible.
🔹Stick seeds on branches into the holes
🔹Hanging platform
🔹Hanging toy if we only tie it from the top and remove the bowl.
🔹Ready to be destroyed in all its functions
🔹 And as it could not be missing, to decorate our homes, it is simply beautiful.

MEASUREMENTS: 22 cm. 6 cm feeder
MATERIALS: Cork disc and ring, T-shirt thread, Stainless steel feeder

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