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The Eden of your parrots, a small vertical garden for them.
A tube with a layer of wood from a large cork oak trunk, with holes in two sizes, can be a super idyllic place for your parrots. Plenty of room to perch, enter and exit, climb and destroy:
🔹Hanging by the two upper threads, leaving a swinging movement, it will be one of your parrot's favorite places to perch and relax.
🔹 With a meter and a half of 14mm sisal rope, which goes in and out forming places to climb and perch. We encourage movement through space.
🔹A lot of surface to destroy, and thanks to the inner layer of the wooden tube it will be very resistant.
🔹 5 yucca flowers are distributed throughout the vertical wall, so that they can be distracted while moving through the space.
🔹 And as it could not be missing, to decorate our homes, it is a beautiful small vertical garden.

MEASUREMENTS: 45 x 40 x 30
MATERIALS: cork oak trunk tube, Trapillo, 14 mm sisal rope, Yucca flower

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