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TWISTER ROPE 1 CM (per meter)

Sale price€3,80
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Ropes are an essential element to create a good space design, whether it is a cage or a fly. Used to connect elements and allow our parrots to go from one point to another. The sisal rope is very resistant, it is difficult to fray and it is very rigid. If we add the spiral-shaped t-shirt thread to that, it allows us to hang whatever we want from it.

BE CREATIVE , create your own toys and designs and let your imagination go.

MEASUREMENTS: 1 cm thick
Individual: 1 meter long, finished on both sides with excess thread to tie.
Keep going : Add the meters you want and it will come all in one row and finished off on both sides with leftover thread.
MATERIALS: sisal rope and t-shirt thread

TWISTER ROPE 1 CM (per meter)
TWISTER ROPE 1 CM (per meter) Sale price€3,80

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