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Many possible options (examples in the photos) with some cardboard honeycomb rings. A thousand possibilities, distraction and fun for our little ones🤩.
💙3-dimensional 22 cm swing (discs with a central axis, which will be a wooden toothpick, will be served).
If you do not want to use the first option, you just have to remove the toothpick and then you can do:
💚 Online swing, which measures more than 60cm, which will come with 4 threads of cloth to tie it.

💙 Individual swings
💙Cardboard hoop lattice

These rings have a double use like all estetéese products:
🔹Toy to be destroyed and foraged.
🔹To decorate our home, with a creeper plant they look beautiful😻.

MEASUREMENTS: The largest hoop measures 22 cm.
If you put them all tied in a line, 60 cm.
1.5cm thick
MATERIALS: 1.5 cm honeycomb cardboard, cloth thread to hang and tie the rings together. Bamboo stick central axis.

FORAGING RINGS Sale price€6,80

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