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Each of these discs, from the smallest to the largest, are unique pieces, 100% natural pieces🌳 with their irregularities and even some with moss. Sewn🧷 one by one where it has been necessary due to its irregularity.
These rings have a double use like all estetéese products:
💙Individual swing (5 sizes). If you can and have space, take the biggest thing you can, don't limit yourself to taking the minimum so that it fits inside, I assure you that you will take advantage of it and enjoy it much more .
💚Combine several and make a composition, there are a thousand possibilities, with spectacular results.
💙 For decoration, they are so pretty....

Exterior MEASUREMENTS: these measurements are indicative, no ring is the same and can vary greatly from one to another, we depend on nature .
size XS 5-7CM (no parrot fits inside).
size S 10-14CM (approx. 1 lovebird).
size M 16-22CM (2 lovebirds, 1 nymph, pyrrhura).
size L - 23-30 CM (amazon, yaco).
XL size 35-40CM (suitable for macaw and similar)
MATERIALS: Cork oak trunk, 1 cloth thread for each unit

CORK RINGS (LOOSE) Sale price€1,20

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