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ARCHIPELAGO, foraging tray

Sale price€16,80

A tray that forms an archipelago, with cork oak trunk islands. With this you can encourage the search for food and movement to obtain it, not only on the surface but also at different levels. Complete this tray with our MIX or your favorite substrate!

I'll tell you what it contains:
💙 Durable plastic tray size M (34 x 27)
💚 4 islands formed from cork oak trunks of different thickness and height. Thanks to this, they will be able to move around the tray in height and access the interior from the point that best suits them.
💙 Fill the rest of the tray that is free (around the trunks), to hide your food or prizes.
💚 Yucca flower on the top of one of the trunks
💙 Innkeeper XS with milled heart (lowest and largest level)
💚 Taller trunk with heart hand painted with watercolor.

MEASUREMENTS: 34 x 27 x 12 height
MATERIALS: resistant plastic tray, cork oak trunk, yucca flower, screws and washers on the bottom to hold the elements.

ARCHIPELAGO, foraging tray
ARCHIPELAGO, foraging tray Sale price€16,80

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