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AMULET #4 Cuqui

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Amulets are born in estetéese as a complement to our branches . A series of charms that come together to create bracelets that provide diversity and textures to our parrots while they are on their branches. These bracelets can be knotted and placed to adapt to the thickness of the branch (or you can place them in other places!).

Amulet #4 has been designed with all the love in the world for Cuqui (feather bag). Nieves tells us this:
This amulet is very special, not only because it bears its name, but because of the meaning implicit in the amulet itself, because of what each of its pieces means.
-The hearts (They are ours) Ángel and Nieves
-The braid (the union of the three)
-Raffia flower and fringe (it is like a sun (Life, joy, light; star)
Everything that is Cuqui for us 💛🧡

This triple amulet designed for Cuqui includes the following:
💚 Yucca flower
💙 Raffia fringe
💚 Raffia braid
💙 Birch bark heart


AMULET #4 Cuqui
AMULET #4 Cuqui Sale price€8,20

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