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PLANTIN pack support + plants

Sale price€19,20
Flower pot support:
Floor 1:
Floor 2:

Purchasing natural plants directly from a nursery and giving them to our parrots is something we should never do. ALL plants have chemicals, both in the substrates and in the leaves. Something very common to maintain plants more easily but something highly dangerous for our parrots .

Esetéese has made a great effort to have its own plantation of plants, with a 100% organic substrate made by us, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, completely suitable for use in psittacines.

We want to bring to your home what we believe is highly enriching for your parrots. Live plants.

Your little ones will be able to snack on them, they will have a space a thousand times more naturalized, and if you spray the leaves you will bring freshness to the environment and they will be able to drink from them.

Choose what you like the most and you think your little ones will like it:
💚 PLANTS TO CHOOSE in a 14 cm pot:
- Cinta (Chlorophytum comosum) /care for this plant here/
- Chamadoerea (chamadorea elegans) /care for this plant here/
- Coleus (Solenostemon): /care of this plant here/
- Dracena Palm (Dracaena marginata) /care of this plant here/
💙 SUPPORTS : single (20x20) and double (35x20) with fixed system

⚠️ The plants will be sent with protection in the pot to avoid overturning the substrate during shipping.

PLANTIN pack support + plants
PLANTIN pack support + plants Sale price€19,20

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