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work methodology

These are the steps to achieve your space design. Adaptable to all types of space and species of parrot you have.

Talk to sara

The first and ideal thing is that you tell me beforehand what your idea is. Send me a message on Instagram or by email, we'll talk, tell me a little about what you want and I'll guide you on what type of design you should choose on the website (cage size, type and size of wing, park sizes, etc.) .

pay for the design to get started

Once you have talked and chosen what type of design best suits your needs, the next thing is to buy the design. To do this, place an order with the chosen design, and you will automatically be on Sara's design list.

contact you and questionnaire

Once this is done, I will send you a questionnaire with a wide variety of questions that will be the key to ensuring that the design fits completely with what you want and that your little ones love it (measurements, tastes of each animal, needs).

do the design

With all the information and everything we have talked about and the photos you have sent me, I start making the design with the aim of capturing everything that is in my head and making what you want a reality.
Once finished, I will send it to you by email, and I await your feedback to comment on what you think.

your reaction and budget

When I have the OK, I will make the budget and send it to you (remember that you don't have to take everything, or maybe you don't take anything and do it yourself, you can look for equivalents that fulfill the same function and/or form).

order, payment and manufacturing

If the quote is accepted (or part of it), the order, payment and subsequent manufacturing proceed.

shipping and assembly

Once manufacturing is completed in our workshop, we proceed to package everything with all the necessary packages. We send it to you, and you assemble it at home with the step-by-step design manual.

Sara excitedly waits for the result

To finish, we talk, we comment on how it turned out, how your little ones have accepted it, you send me photos and everyone is happy :)